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The Agency Turks and Caicos Q1 Report 2023

It is hard to believe that we are through the first quarter of 2023. As we look back on the market activity it is clear that while the conventional wisdom that has come out of primary home markets in the United States suggests significant slow downs, lack of activity and price reassessments, the Turks and Caicos market is different. We did not see the same highs as other North American markets during the height of the Covid real estate boom, although they were busy years, but as a result we have not seen the same drop.

What we have seen is that when inventory is tight Agents and Brokers have to work harder. That is why it feels that these three months have flown by. Our team have been out there hustling and working hard for our clients, buyers and sellers. As we look forward to the remainder of 2023 there are a lot of very, very exciting developments to come. Now is definitely the time as the Turks and Caicos continues to only move in one direction and that’s forward!

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