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Turks and Caicos Artists - Lady Livi

A face as familiar on the football field as behind a microphone Lady Livi features in many elements of Turks and Caicos life. Like Li Welch, Dom Rolle and DonJon Livi's presence can be seen across the spectrum of modern Turks and Caicos music culture as the artists support each other in their creative endeavours.

Livi's signature "Turks and Caicos" (below) is shot by Caya Hico Media and is a combination of a youthful celebration of an incredible Island to call home combined with warm images captured across our archipelago.

Bonus points for anyone who spots a listing sold by Sean O'Neill and The Agency Turks and Caicos in the early stages of the video!

Check our Lady Livi on Instagram @therealladylivi_

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