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Caribbean-themed Halloween Snacks

A Caribbean-themed Halloween party might be out of the ordinary, but why not be a little different this year?

Caribbean dishes bring a lot of flair and character to the table and serving a unique dish might just be the thing that will get your friends talking about your party for the rest of the year.

Here are some dishes to try for your Halloween party this year.

1. Coconut Tarts

With only a few ingredients needed, you can serve this sweet treat to friends who are coming over. It’s a nice appetizer that can last you and your friends until dessert. The best thing about making this is it’s beginner friendly so anyone can definitely make it.

2. Mango Chutney

Need a little bit of kick to your meals? A Caribbean favorite, Mango Chutney brings in that perfect mix of sweet, spicy, and garlicky. Use this as a dip or a side dish of your favorite main meals and you're good to go!

View the recipe here:

3. Caribbean Curry Shrimp

I know - it might be a little bit weird to serve curry during a party, but hear me out. If you want to stay true to the Caribbean-themed party, then a curry dish is a must. A local favorite, you’d be surprised by how easy this dish is to make!

Which are you excited to try? Comment below!

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