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The Agency Turks & Caicos Partners With MREIT for Metaverse Expansion

International real estate brand The Agency Turks & Caicos has partnered with metaverse

investment company MREIT to develop its headquarters in Decentraland. Located in

Providenciales, The Agency Turks & Caicos plans to use the new space as a virtual sales

and training centre for its agents and clients with future plans to implement more integrated

metaverse solutions in 2023.

Sean O’Neill, Managing Director of The Agency Turks and Caicos, said the partnership with

MREIT comes at an opportune time in their growing marketing strategy. As part of this long-

term strategy, The Agency was able to secure and develop its headquarters in partnership

with MREIT. O’Neill said “At The Agency we are always focused on drawing more eyes to

the Turks & Caicos. Our first goal is to get people to these "Beautiful by Nature” islands and

then explore the opportunities for investment. Through our partnership with MREIT we have

been able to create a first of its kind digital presence in Decentraland that will expose the

Turks & Caicos, and our listings, to a greater audience. We have always prided ourselves on

thinking outside of the box and having pioneered real estate social media marketing in the

Turks & Caicos we are excited to again be on the cutting edge in the Metaverse.”

MREIT, a leader in the metaverse industry, launched in late 2021 within its tokenized

offering that garnered over 750 token holders within its first few weeks of launch. Led by

founder and CEO, Eric Klein, the company pioneered ownership and advisory solutions for

companies looking to expand into digital assets, including real estate.

“The industry isn’t what it was 6 months ago,” Klein said. “The opportunities today aren’t the

same opportunities we saw yesterday, so we’re advising our clients to plan for the future.

That means building foundations in order to prepare for a decentralised and digital economy.

What I believe we’ll see is the combination of platforms and consolidation of metaverses with

more approachable uses for businesses. As the first real estate brokerage to be represented

in Decentraland The Agency Turks & Caicos have been able to establish themselves as

pioneers and disrupters within their industry.”

To learn more about The Agency Turks and Caicos’ headquarters plans, you can visit

To learn more about MREIT, you can visit

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