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Top 5 Quick Bite lunch in Grace Bay

1. Julian’s Deli

A definite local's spot, Julian’s is great for a quick sandwich or a longer lunch with wine or cocktails.

My Choice-Julian’s Classic

2. Tribe

One of the newer spots in Grace Bay, Tribe is a great place to pick up fresh bread and salads, as well as sandwiches on the go. I

f you have more time check out their full English roast on a Sunday!

My Choice-Chicken Curry Sandwich

3. Crest & Berry

Another newer restaurant on the Grace Bay strip Crest and Berry is a great stop for those looking to skip the carbs at lunch. Check out their smoothies and acai bowls that will fill you up for the afternoon without wanting a siesta!

My Choice–The Cocoa Cabana Smoothie

4. Lemon2Go

One of the OGs of the current lunch scene inGrace Bay Lemon2Go is a one stop shop for sandwiches, coffee, sweet treats and flowers. If you are in trouble with the missus.

My Choice–The Canadian Club

5. The Patty Place Classic

Caribbean Cuisine, on the go. Look no further than The Patty Place. Their selection of meat and vegetable patties really are the flavor of the islands.Only topped by their ice cream bar, if you have time for a sweet treat on the go as well!

My Choice–Beef Patty

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